Saturday, May 16, 2015

Walker was out, maggie couldn't sleep, so she crawled in bed with me as I watched The Family Stone, which is not appropriate. At one point we broke for the kitchen to get cheese. 'This cheese is good' I said. 'ALL cheese is good' she answered and we fistbumped.

I'm starting to see that the endless nights of vomit & teething & night terrors are redeemed when they turn about 9. It's still hard. Hormones loom on the horizon and they can make teething look like babyplay. But then there are the moments when your kid shares your love for stinky cheese and laughs at appropriate times in grownup movies and you go, oh yeah....this is why we had you. Cause you're so cool, and I so love hanging out with you, in bed, watching movies and eating cheese.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

'Ike, if you don't let your lizards go, I think they're going to die soon.'
'Yeah, but Jack & Nate and I decided that when they die we can, you know, learn more about 'em.'
Future surgeons or future psychopaths? Only time will tell...