Friday, July 25, 2014

Just found this email that I sent on 9-5-12, Eva's 8th birthday:

"This is when my faith gets tested. Not when people have cancer or whatnot, but this:

We have to wait for UCIS (immigration) to approve our update for a child up to age 5. Right now we are only approved for a 0-23 month old.

We really don't want a baby anymore. Have been saying that now for months.

So Natalie Bowen emails me and says, to clarify: if, between now and the time that your UCIS is approved (a month or two at the most, hopefully), if a 0-23 month old comes up, do you want us to skip over you, or go ahead and present her to you?


If I say no, then, no. If I say yes, we could get a baby. Which would be harder on some levels, easier on others.

This is when my superstition and doubts re God's sovereignty go BALLISTIC."

Walker was out of town and unreachable, OF COURSE. So I asked Eva what to do. She answered, "I just want any little girl. Tell them yes and let God figure it out."

So I emailed her back and said, okay, just go ahead and don't skip us.

Little did I know, they had asked me to clarify because they were working on the paperwork for a little 23 month old girl, who they presented to us three weeks later.

So glad we said YES to this baby girl :-)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

You'd think by my fifth 3 year old it wouldn't make every nerve in my spine stand on end and smoke come out my ears when they stare straight in my face and scream NO!!!!

But it still does.

Maybe the 6th kid's the charm?

Friday, July 18, 2014

She says 'me, Maggie, Eba!!'