Friday, May 3, 2013

Every day this little girl blossoms before my eyes. Every single day she's funnier, sweeter, smarter, sillier than the day before. I knew she would change but - wow. It's simply overwhelming.

Merry Lynn Guy How do you feel you have blossomed and changed in the same amount of time Missy?
Missy Hooks Dollahon Merry Lynn Guy Hm. I dunno. I'll have to think on that one. I think the most amazing thing to me is what a privilege it is to witness how powerful love is. All we're doing is LOVING her. That's all. There is zero magic to it. It's just awe-inspiring how much it has enabled her to become her full, brilliant self. It makes me understand how much we change and grow and blossom and transform thru the love of Christ. And how much more I am enabled to continue to transform, because the love and power of Christ is so much more than the love that we have for Bethie.

I want to glow like Bethie is glowing. I want that love to shine through me like it is shining through her.
Joy Primm Love this pic! First time I've seen her face lit up like that. So beautiful and wonderful to hear.
Missy Hooks Dollahon She just giggled all day long today. One twelve hour long giggle.

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