Saturday, July 14, 2012

Email from Mimi

Things Ike said when we were in Mexico:
That "a man is going to put new things in my house."
You are going to live "for 10 weeks" in Austin. Glad it's only a temporary stay! I had no idea!
He has three grandmothers, "Gigi, Great-grandmother and Mimi."
Great-grandmother is "in Heaven with Jesus."
I teased him about his boiled eggs that they were dinosaur eggs, dog eggs, etc. He frowned and told me that "No! Birds have eggs! NOT ANIMALS!"
He has been funny and enjoys a laugh when I tease him and has been a very sweet kid.

Raining again - but Steph. had told me that Meyer Branch Library was having story time at 1:30 and that there was going to be a juggler! So Dad and I took Ike and met her  and  the juggler looked a bit like Dick Van Dyke (about aged 50+) and used to work in Vegas and at first I thought....Oooooooooooooooooooo....he wore a jester's hat and shirt and made a lot of crazy faces right off the bat. Kind of you know...creepy.
But he got better and better as time went on and actually rode on a unicycle and THEN actually balanced it ON HIS CHIN while juggling three of those longish juggling things! He did a magic trick with scarves and had all these little kids hootin' and hollarin'! Ike was amazed! Hattie, Ike and Mary Ellen all got to do something and virtually all of the kids old enough at least tossed him a cloth ball to juggle or something. Ike tossed him a scarf back. It was really quite a show!
Later I took Ike to the mall and he was not at all interested in the play area. Too many kids, too big and noisy and all of that. So we had lunch and watched the ice skaters (Memorial City Mall) and on the way home he said such a funny thing.
"Bicycles don't have ONE wheel! They have TWO wheels!"  He had been mulling that over for hours.
He said that his Mom and Dad and siblings could all ice skate. "But not Gigi or Mimi. They would fall down."
He has appreciated his daily gifts and actually I just remembered to give him the Wednesday one. I will do that in a while.
"I wish we were rich."
"I wish birds didn't poop. They poop on cars and on windows! Eeeewweeee.......!"

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