Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shep’s estimate
Eva Rose’s estimate
New bicycle
New car
New house
Daddy’s salary
$1 million
Teachers’ salaries
Bethie’s adoption
Dinner at a restaurant for 6
A new Barbie
Gallon of milk

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ruth Reitmeier ruth_oh@alumni.rice.edu

to me
All the kids have been very inquisitive lately about the nature of salvation and how God saves us.  I've been trying to explain that it's all God, nothing on our part.  That God does everything because we can do nothing.  That because Christ has done everything, we don't have to do anything.  This morning God gave me a great illustration to use that involved an incident with Ike.  I had a conversation over breakfast with Reece that went like this:

Me: Remember when Ike was here and fell into the pool on accident?
R: Oh yeah!  Hahahahaha.  Mrs. Dollahon totally freaked out and dived in to save him.
Me: Did she wait for Ike to cry out "Come help me!  Save me! I can't swim"?
R: No she just jumped in with her clothes on.
Me: Did she say to Ike: Swim to the edge and I'll pull you out?
R: No she threw off her glasses and dived in.  She dived head first!  She could've cracked her head on the bottom of the pool.
Me: So she didn't say "Hey Ike, grab onto this pole and I'll pull you to safety?"
R: Noooooo! She didn't say anything.  She just jumped in.
Me: That's right.  She jumped in to save Ike even before he realized he was drowning.  What did Jesus do for you?
R: He dived right in to save me before I even called for help.