Thursday, July 3, 2008

The dinosaurs are all extink, right? Because they died. They died cause they wanted to see Jesus, right? But, they dudn't saw Jesus after they died.
They saw scientists.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

from Mimi 7-1-08

Might as well enjoy telling you how sweet Eva Rose was to Mimi. I didn't ask her to help me but she got busy clearing the table for me! Imagine my surprise when she carried in the china...ULP! But she was sooooo careful and she went back again and again to get everything she could manage and even the heavy goblets filled with iced tea...she said, "This is so heavy!" I was astonished, Missy!  She kept hugging my legs and bringing me silverware, napkins, etc. I mean she carried a lot! I have no idea why she decided to do that! I thanked her profusely of course. It was so touching. I felt like I had  a glimpse of the woman she is going to become. It was just lovely to have such a young child concerned about helping Mimi!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Email sent to Jenny on 6-18-08

I need your prayers, because I know you will get this.

Eva Rose will wake up at 5, 5:30, when it is pitch black, and go wake up the baby, which wakes up Shep, and us, then we put her back in her room and she screams which proceeds to wake up Maggie. So, 5:30am, pitch black, my whole house is awake and shorted 1-2 hours sleep.

She does this once every 2 weeks or so. Lately more often.
We have tried everything we know to try. Spanking, putting her to bed early, whatever. Nothing works.

She did it this am and you know Walker is out of town. So I put her back in bed, locked the door, and now I told her she cannot come down till it is almost time for school. I am going to cover her doorknob with duct tape tonight - she can undo it otherwise. Now she is absolutely screaming, beating the door, and this has been going on and off for 1.5 hours now. And school is not till 9 and it is only 7.

Please pray that this works. I am so at my wits end with her.