Thursday, November 9, 2006

from an email - 

Awww! Maggie has 8 teeth, poor thing. It has been very rough to cut them all so close together. I am 90% sure she said "Night" yesterday.  As in, "Say night night to baby!" "Night night baby!" which she hears 5x a day. So that will be 3 - if you count Momma and Dada, I have yet to hear Dada but Walker swears she says it.  By 10 months Eva Rose was saying 6 words - momma, dada, uh oh, ice, juice and something else I can't think of. I thought she was weird - Maggie in her normalness is confirming it. Eva Rose is gonna be trouble. Her thing now is she just started climbing out of her crib, so at 6am she goes and wakes up Shep and Maggie. It's cute, real freaking cute.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Eva gets in trouble for saying no, so now when you ask her to do something she says 'I can't" instead. Sorry, just can't do it, mom. Maybe later I'll pencil you in.