Saturday, October 21, 2006

 Today my first daughter was THE DEVIL. She is very very TWO. She does not seem to throw normal tantrums when she does not get what she wants, she uses this devil voice to scream at you. Picture REDRUM. Or the Exorcist. I am serious, it hurts my ears and my spine and it is NOT cute. And then Miss Maggie Belle, she has learned how to pull up in her crib but not how to get down. So her thing is to stand up the whole time she is supposed to be napping and alternately yell and giggle. And so I go up, lie her down, and before i am down the stairs, she is up again. She did not nap ALL day today. I was so aggravated when my mom called she threatened to call CPS on me and I actually told her to go ahead, I could use the break from them both. So, there goes my mother of the year award.
Today on the way to school, I told her when we got there she was getting a spanking for that ugly voice. She says No 'pankin! And I was like oooooh, yeah, 'pankin. So when we get there, she looks at me when I come to get her and goes "I got cute boots! I got a cute dress!" Like, how can you possibly spank me when I am so cute and fashionable? Didn't work.

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