Monday, October 16, 2006

(email to Hillary Luker)

Let me tell you about my week. On Monday, Maggie's booster chair tray just flew off. So she falls flat on her face and busts her lip and her frenulum, the skin between your 2 front teeth. Blood everywhere, she SCREAMS for an hour, and this is a child who almost never cries. Heartbreaking. Scares me to death. Later that afternoon Eva Rose breaks out head to toe in hives. ??? Still don't know why. THEN, Tues morn Shep gets sent home from Mothers Day Out because he has impetigo on his face. Haul all 3 kids back to the dr. Impetigo is truly gross, FYI. Then this morning, Maggie wakes up the snot queen, totally sick with some crud that made her drowsy all day. At least she napped like a normal infant, for once. So, I am just feeling the urge to dip all my children by their toes into a big vat of Lysol. And on top of all that, I have a UTI. 
And Eva Rose is possessed by the devil. 

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